Who We are, What We do and Why we do it!

mandy-profile-pinkHi, my name is Mandy Snell, founder of Vision Wealth Network. I have been a Real Estate Entrepreneur/Investor and General Contractor for 30 years and have been involved in pretty much every aspect of real estate, from buy and flip to buy and hold, lease options, buying subject to, wholesaling, raising private capital, providing private funding for other investors and helping people build their retirement portfolios.

I am passionate about real estate and I am passionate about helping others succeed in their Real Estate Investing business. How is success measured? It depends on what you are looking to achieve. What I find most people desire the most is to have enough “passive”income to allow them to live the lifestyle they dream about. True wealth, in my opinion is not only financial freedom but having the time freedom that allows you to do what you want, when you want.

I am dedicated to educating, coaching  and supporting  individuals to be successful in building wealth and through Vision Wealth Network we are able to offer the best education, support and resources our members need to be successful.

My husband and I love what we do every single day! We work HARD, dream BIG, set HUGE goals and reward ourselves in all our successes; big and small. We love to travel and we look forward to owning our villa in Tuscany very soon.

Why Real Estate Investing?

Despite what people might tell you, Real Estate is without a doubt one of the safest and best vehicles to invest in and exponentially build wealth with.  And, there has never been a better time to invest in real estate, especially in a market like today’s – more wealth has been generated in down markets than any other market, so now is a great time to get started.

You know, when it comes to building wealth, the number one concern for most people is creating an adequate and sustainable nest-egg so they can live the lifestyle they’ve always desired. Sadly most people end up investing in traditional assets such as low yielding CDs and bonds or the Stock market which can be risky and volatile and typically end up generating a less than “hoped” for return on their investment.

Is there a better way to invest? We believe there is and that is why we formed Vision Wealth Network. Whether you are buying and flipping for profit or buying and holding for passive cash flow, there is a lot of wealth to be generated through real estate, if you are an well informed and educated investor.

What are You Focused On?

For the majority of Americans their income  is limited to the number of hours they can physically work every day. They are stuck in a JOB where they are trading time for dollars. And the reality is, if they keep on doing what they have always been doing – nothing will change. Day after day, they will show up for work, put in their hours, go home and do exactly the same thing tomorrow.

Here are some sobering statements from Steve Siebold’s book “How Rich People Think“.

The middle class focuses on saving. The wealthy focus on earning. Fact: the  average income per person in 2012 was $38,000. If you saved 10 percent, you would have $3,800 at the end of the year. That’s not a model for wealth-building, and you’ll never get rich that way.

The middle class sees investing as throwing mud at the wall at hoping it sticks. The wealthy have firm goals with “do or die” deadlines

The middle class lives beyond its means. The wealthy live below their means.

The middle class sees money through the eyes of emotion. The wealthy see money through the eyes of logic.

The wealthy do not make financial decisions from a place of fear. Money is not something to fear losing, but instead a tool that presents greater options and opportunities.

And what about your retirement? When would you LIKE to retire? How much money will you need to retire comfortably? DO YOU HAVE A PLAN TO CREATE “PASSIVE INCOME” TO RETIRE ON?

These are all questions I had to ask myself. Because even though I owned my businesses I still owned a J.O.B. I still had to physically show up every day in order to get paid.

The KEY to PASSIVE Income is the Asset or Business generates the income regardless of whether you show up to work or not.

The main reason why 95% of the population are trading time for dollars is because that’s what they were taught in school.  What you don’t know, you don’t know. Knowing your “WHY” – what motivates and drives you to get up every day and do what you do, or don’t do is so important to know, because it is the barometer that will help determine your success outcome in life.

Understanding Your “Why”

So, let me ask you a few questions.

  • What does drive or motivate you to get up every day?
  • What are your goals – short term and long term for your future?
  • Do you have a clear VISION for your future?
  • How much passive income to do need to be able to live the lifestyle you want?
  • Do you have a plan to get there?

The number one reason most people fall short of their goals is because their VISION isn’t clear enough or their WHY isn’t BIG enough.

7 Critical Core Beliefs for Success

  • The limiting factor on your success is not the size of the obstacles, but the size of your dream.
  • Winners make every setback a floor to launch higher.
  • A person who cannot handle setbacks, will never handle victories either
  • Winning requires reaching inside of yourself for that extra gear to accelerate challenges
  • Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others, great leaders inspire others and raise their own bar
  • Why settle for good when there is great?
  • Life should be lived with specific intent or it’s not lived at all

A BIG Part of My “Why”

My husband and I have two great kids who are now in their mid and early twenties living happily on their own and yes, they are learning how to build their own wealth through real estate.

Both kids were competitive soccer players growing up and yes, I was the proverbial “soccer mom”. Our daughter got to play soccer in Hawaii and Italy and earned the coveted “Coaches Award of Excellence in Sportsmanship” in high school. Both kids have served on missions trips  – Caitlin in Mexico and Uganda and Nick in Mexico – some amazing life changing experiences for both of them.

The other two specials kids in our lives are Maria (from Tanzania) and Vetrieval (from India). We have sponsored these beautiful children for 12 and 10 years respectively through Compassion International. Both attended school full time in Christian Academies in their respective countries and are preparing to go on to college. We receive personal letters and pictures from both Maria and Vetrieval regularly and are able to engage in wonderful dialog back and forth, sharing hopes and dreams and blessings with them.

Vetrieval is getting ready to start his first year in university in India and Maria is getting ready to graduate from high school in Tanzania. We are very proud of both of them!

What Drives and Motivates Me?

Financial freedom and the ability to travel anywhere, anytime around the world, at least one mission trip a year to a third world country, to see our kids as successful Real Estate entrepreneurs and not slaves to a J.O.B, to visit our sponsored kids in Tanzania and India, to buy an old barn in Tuscany and convert it into our own little piece of heaven, to spend more time in England visiting family, donate 10% of our income to charities, volunteer where needed and help to improve lives and communities one person at a time.


BO – sailing, playing golf in exotic places, traveling, mentoring young adults in wealth success and helping them understand their WHY, camping in the mountains with the bears! Missions trips to Mexico building houses.

MANDY - Bible Study, Zumba, dance, traveling, hanging out with my kids and friends in the back yard, cooking from my new “Paleo” cookbooks, camping in protected campgrounds with NO bears

Affiliations and Memberships

NorcalREIA -RE Club Members and Speakers/Educators
CCIM – Certified Commercial Investment Member*
Rebuilding Together of Sacramento – House Captains
Compassion International – Sponsors

*Business ethics, interest-based negotiation, financial analysis, market analysis, user decision analysis, and investment analysis for commercial investment real estate.

Thank you for connecting with me. I  look forward to connecting with you in the Vision Wealth Network!






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